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Welcome Change It knocks Even When You Don’t Want it

To say I’ve been stuck in my routines for the last several years is an understatement. Anything not planned or that may cause me anxiety is forbidden, but with teenagers, pets, and oh yeah, a husband, I’ve had to learn I can’t control everything.

There’s no way of knowing when or if the phone might ring and when it does, I don’t have control over who’s on the other end. I can control my reaction to it, though, and no one said I HAD to answer the phone. That’s what caller ID and voicemail is for.

Really, though, who actually checks their voice messages anymore? It’s transcribed for you, now the actual message may be a tad distorted because whoever it that transcribes once told my husband I was “out with the gorillas and smelling the balls”. What I actually wrote was “I’m out with the girls and having a great time”! How it got that distorted is beyond me, but I secretly think that whoever created autocorrect did it on purpose!

All humor aside, I don’t think I was always this unwilling to accept change. In fact, during depositphotos_13007466_s1-300x300my younger years, I had no fear, I went wherever the wind blew me.

What’s become apparent over the last couple of months, is that not making a change is worse than death. As I became complacent in where I was in life, it was easier and easier to go along with the flow, not seeking anything more than what I had now.

When you’re in the ideal situation you don’t want to rock the boat, but sometimes the ideal situation isn’t that ideal for you. Some of us will never take the chance to pursue something new and I get it. Having security means more today than it ever did, no matter what they say about the economy.

Then there are times when the stars align and it’s hard to avoid the signs that it’s time to jump into the unknown. That doesn’t mean you’ll end up in the abyss, it could mean you’ll end up among the stars!

Don’t jump into something new just because it feels like a time for a change, wait for the signs you can’t ignore, do your research and follow your heart. It’s far better to try than to be stuck living a dull life that you know is not your own.


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