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Spring Things

How can you not enjoy this beautiful, but unseasonably warm weather? For us, it's been a constant 70 something degrees during the day and little chilly at night. It reminds me of Spring even though it's February. I have to share my most favorite things for far!   Apple Blossoms - We have a… Continue reading Spring Things

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Then Show It

Well, I can't say I'm surprised. In fact, I was thought this would come out a lot sooner than January 6th... "Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency," the U.S. intelligence community found. The fact is, that no matter what… Continue reading Then Show It

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Try the Yoga Trapeze

I wanted to try something different to change up my Yoga routine and I heard all the benefits of Inversion Therapy and I found this and I could try it for $1 for a month. So I bought it and I can't live without it now. We have high ceilings where it's installed in a… Continue reading Try the Yoga Trapeze

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Sending Good Vibes to those Affected by Hurricane Matthew

You don't know what it's like to live through a natural disaster until you've actually had to and for those that lose everything I can't imagine what that must feel like. Our three days without electric, flooding and cool temps was enough to humble me and my family. We lived in Florida for 7 years… Continue reading Sending Good Vibes to those Affected by Hurricane Matthew

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Lavender Eggs

Finally we're getting 3 eggs a day! We still have one chicken (Patty aka Chicken Patty) trying to figure it out, though. The poor girl struggled so much so that I soaked her in warm water, and even tried to manually remove her egg thinking it was egg bound. For all I know, that was… Continue reading Lavender Eggs

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Ivanka Trump and Putin’s Girlfriend Hanging 

I'm all for being friends with who you want, no matter what anyone says, but this is a bit much. It's like shes showing us all she can do whatever the heck she wants and this is just not appropriate for what our country is dealing with now. I don't like to get into hot political debates and… Continue reading Ivanka Trump and Putin’s Girlfriend Hanging