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Welcome Change It knocks Even When You Don’t Want it

To say I've been stuck in my routines for the last several years is an understatement. Anything not planned or that may cause me anxiety is forbidden, but with teenagers, pets, and oh yeah, a husband, I've had to learn I can't control everything. There's no way of knowing when or if the phone might… Continue reading Welcome Change It knocks Even When You Don’t Want it

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Too Many Words

I've started my own book recently and quickly realized I was writing a lot more than just the words in my book. I was writing emails and notes for work, writing in my journal, social media posts and trying to keep up with my blog. Writing, writing and more writing! Aside from all the writing,… Continue reading Too Many Words

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Loving Customer Service – It takes a Certain Kind of Person

Customer Service isn't easy, because although I threw aside the old saying they still ring true for most. It takes a certain kind of person to handle complaints and truly listen to the customer.

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Upwork For Longterm Projects

As successful I've been on Upwork, there are still several issues that I wish to be addressed should I decide to move forward long term with the job placement site. Once of the issues, and perhaps the one issue always at the top of my list is the difficulty finding long-term positions without having to… Continue reading Upwork For Longterm Projects

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Work-From-Home – Before You Get the Gig, Put the Work In

The idea to work from home sounds like a dream, and it can be . Know yourself and your work habits as well as those who share the same living space as you do. I 've been working from home for 2 years or so now; I've tried everything under the sun from crafting, crocheting,… Continue reading Work-From-Home – Before You Get the Gig, Put the Work In