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Saturday Style – Bohemian Favs

clan and pad, handmade

Handmade Hemp and Cotton Cord Basket – Pattern

Most of the patterns I follow are actually versions of patterns that I've collected over the years. This is my newest creation which I finished last week. I shared the pictures with some of my Facebook Crochet groups and was asked by a few for the pattern. I made this one in two separate pieces which… Continue reading Handmade Hemp and Cotton Cord Basket – Pattern

clan and pad

Prime Mover

~ a person or thing that initiates or gives power and cohesion to something, as an idea, endeavor, or organization. You're probably wondering why I'm giving you the definition of "Prime Mover". Well, here's the background.... A song-writer once referred to themselves as a Lyrical Smelter and I LOVED the description. It makes it sound… Continue reading Prime Mover