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Saturday Style – Bohemian Favs

clan and pad

Simple & Natural Lip Balm & Body Butter

  Only four ingredients make up this Body Butter - Beeswax from our 10 hive Apiary, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond Oil! All organic and NO chemicals or additives! Check out Clan & Pad to buy! Lip Balm - Honey and Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and either Peppermint or Vanilla Essential Oils.… Continue reading Simple & Natural Lip Balm & Body Butter


Our 10 Favorite Beeswax Uses For Your Home

Beeswax has a place in cosmetics for sure but we wanted to outline 10 OTHER uses for the material that might benefit your home! Prevent Rust Coat things like hand tools, cast iron pieces and shovels to prevent them from rust. You can rub beeswax on the wooden handle of your shovel to help protect against… Continue reading Our 10 Favorite Beeswax Uses For Your Home

clan and pad

Why I Love Homemade

I haven't always been a DIY lover having spent time in many Bath & Body Works Stores, but three kids later and medical condition or two forced me to reevaluate my choices. If any of you have spent time or just passed through a store like Bath & Body Works you'd know that the smells… Continue reading Why I Love Homemade