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Welcome Change It knocks Even When You Don’t Want it

To say I've been stuck in my routines for the last several years is an understatement. Anything not planned or that may cause me anxiety is forbidden, but with teenagers, pets, and oh yeah, a husband, I've had to learn I can't control everything. There's no way of knowing when or if the phone might… Continue reading Welcome Change It knocks Even When You Don’t Want it

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Upwork For Longterm Projects

As successful I've been on Upwork, there are still several issues that I wish to be addressed should I decide to move forward long term with the job placement site. Once of the issues, and perhaps the one issue always at the top of my list is the difficulty finding long-term positions without having to… Continue reading Upwork For Longterm Projects

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Persistence Pays Off

Persistence is key to landing a home base position. For a lot of people, it sounds almost impossible to obtain. When they hear of someone who already works from home they think of it like a one-in-a-million kind of a thing. I'm here to tell you it's now! With a little bit of help from fellow… Continue reading Persistence Pays Off

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Upwork or No-Work?

As part of my experiment to have a successful work-from-home job I signed up for Upwork, previously known as Odesk. I heard about Odesk years ago and at one point even signed up but didn't pursue it long or seriously enough to find an actual paying position. Now that I'm actually serious about it I… Continue reading Upwork or No-Work?