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To the Dark and Shiny Side

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Spring Things

How can you not enjoy this beautiful, but unseasonably warm weather? For us, it's been a constant 70 something degrees during the day and little chilly at night. It reminds me of Spring even though it's February. I have to share my most favorite things for Spring...so far!   Apple Blossoms - We have a… Continue reading Spring Things

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Messy Bun Hats and More

Check out some of my newest Crocheted Hats My oldest daughter was happy to model them for me and I so appreciate for help! I plan to post some of them in my Facebook Shop, but if you're interested in purchasing one, please let me know. I'm happy to make one using your choice of… Continue reading Messy Bun Hats and More

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Handmade Hemp and Cotton Cord Basket – Pattern

Most of the patterns I follow are actually versions of patterns that I've collected over the years. This is my newest creation which I finished last week. I shared the pictures with some of my Facebook Crochet groups and was asked by a few for the pattern. I made this one in two separate pieces which… Continue reading Handmade Hemp and Cotton Cord Basket – Pattern

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Freedom to be Who You Are

We're blessed to live in a country where we can make decisions for ourselves and families that might not be the same as our families, but recently it feels like everyone has an opinion of how we should live. We no longer live in an age where the American dream was a home, 2 cars… Continue reading Freedom to be Who You Are

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What Does it Take For Someone to Make the First Purchase?

After months and months of testing just about every e-commerce site out there I settled on Shopify, and happily so! Now that my two week trial period has officially ended I went ahead and purchased a plan that would work for me, at least for now. More sales, more money spent on the plan and… Continue reading What Does it Take For Someone to Make the First Purchase?