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Reboot, Reset and Restart

How many times in life have you been told that "tomorrow's a new day" or 'you can always begin again"? I bet the number is so high you could even begin to imagine what it could be and yet we don't ever take the chance to start over unless something happens that forces us to take… Continue reading Reboot, Reset and Restart

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No Resolutions Just Better Intentions

I mean well, I really do, it's just that I get in the way of myself most of the time. I overthink, worry, and imagine far-fetched scenarios of things that can't possibly happen even if the world flipped on its axis. This year instead of making resolutions, well I never really actually make resolutions, I wish… Continue reading No Resolutions Just Better Intentions

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Inspiring Beings

ashevillefolk"There's something incredible about surrounding yourself with people who are willing to admit they don't have their shit together. I've grown to believe that vulnerability is one of my favorite traits in others. And it's something I strive to maintain in all of my relationships. I value friendships with people who possess the ability to… Continue reading Inspiring Beings

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Passionate about Health

With a full political storm brewing, just a short time before we take to the polls and vote for the candidate we feel is most aligned with our beliefs, the news is nothing short of shocking. I can't say I whole heartily support Hillary, yet I do prefer to see her in the White House,… Continue reading Passionate about Health

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Loving Customer Service – It takes a Certain Kind of Person

Customer Service isn't easy, because although I threw aside the old saying they still ring true for most. It takes a certain kind of person to handle complaints and truly listen to the customer.

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Negativity is a Choice

and I can't chose it, that's for sure. I kind of broke my rule of not engaging in negative social media posts or online articles, and responded to a tweet that was in response to my tweet about the whole Ivanka Trump and Lady Gray situation. Got that? For those that don't know, the quick… Continue reading Negativity is a Choice