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“Before I Fall” – Book Review

Book: "Before I Fall" Author: Lauren Oliver *** *SPOILER ALERT* (I don't usually like to include spoilers but this review required it!) I took a chance on this book, it's not something I would usually read but the movie trailers led me to it. I was curious to know what all the hype over the… Continue reading “Before I Fall” – Book Review

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“The Butterfly Garden” – Book Review

Book - The Butterfly Garden Author - Dot Hutchison **** Ah! I don't where to start without giving something away! Let me start by saying that this book held me captive until I was done. It was a fairly easy read, I with the description of the place wasn't so confusing. There was a lot… Continue reading “The Butterfly Garden” – Book Review

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“The Girl on the Train” – Book Review

Book - The Girl on the Train Author - Paula Hawkins **** It took me a few days once I was finished to think about the entirety of the book before writing a review. I can see how and why this novel is now being made into a movie. It makes sense, the plot is truly… Continue reading “The Girl on the Train” – Book Review

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“The Stepmother” Book Review

Author: Claire Seeber Book: The Stepmother **** I really enjoyed this book from the very beginning. The again, I have a thing for books set in and around London. Although I felt it was choppy read, going back and forth between the two sisters, "Marlena" and "Jeanie", it held me until the end. Once you… Continue reading “The Stepmother” Book Review

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“Mud Vein” – Book Review

Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher - FIVE STARS Tarryn Fisher led me to the cliff where I had no choice but to jump off. This book held your hand while you experienced each emotion, Senna, the main character felt all the way to the end. The unraveling of this book is so unforeseen you really don't… Continue reading “Mud Vein” – Book Review