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Welcome Change It knocks Even When You Don’t Want it

To say I've been stuck in my routines for the last several years is an understatement. Anything not planned or that may cause me anxiety is forbidden, but with teenagers, pets, and oh yeah, a husband, I've had to learn I can't control everything. There's no way of knowing when or if the phone might… Continue reading Welcome Change It knocks Even When You Don’t Want it

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There's this, which is perfection - I suddenly feel a renewed sense of self and I have to attribute it to the "Women's March". Seeing hundreds of thousands of women in the US and all over the world join together in solidarity is the most wonderful thing I've seen since the birth of my children.… Continue reading Divided

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Negativity is a Choice

and I can't chose it, that's for sure. I kind of broke my rule of not engaging in negative social media posts or online articles, and responded to a tweet that was in response to my tweet about the whole Ivanka Trump and Lady Gray situation. Got that? For those that don't know, the quick… Continue reading Negativity is a Choice

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Work-From-Home – Before You Get the Gig, Put the Work In

The idea to work from home sounds like a dream, and it can be . Know yourself and your work habits as well as those who share the same living space as you do. I 've been working from home for 2 years or so now; I've tried everything under the sun from crafting, crocheting,… Continue reading Work-From-Home – Before You Get the Gig, Put the Work In

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Online experiences vary from person to person. Some people love to be online sharing their daily adventures, one at a time. I'm not one of them, but I can understand it. There's a need to connect to other human beings, it's innate. We want to feel part of a community, to belong. As much as I… Continue reading